30 of 66

By aporia pidgeon

June 6, 2009

Category: Uncategorized

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Please be advised that these links are being re-directed for digital preservation purposes relating to the WHiSPeRiNG GaLLeRY at http://ap0riasofar.wordpress.com

In the event that the originally linked webpage is no longer publicly available via the URL stated for redirection, you may request access to a cached copy under the UK Freedom of Information Act from the relevant public body

Additionally, you may direct your request to ” a [dot] pidgeon [at] aporia-works [dot] org ” (for the time being at least)

For the record, the cached copy has been given an archival reference number identical to its original FURL item number which can be quoted in any related communication to help identify its source:



One Response to “30 of 66”

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